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The DigiSonic DS10

The DigiSonic is a Windows application that turns your PC sound card into a fully functioning audio test set. Our family of test solutions, while all sharing a common concept and control layout, differ in terms of portability, precision, and features. Any Lindos user will instantly feel at home with the DigiSonic.

The DigiSonic can be operated stand-alone with its own control panel, or through Lin4WinXP in the same way as our hardware test sets. As well as providing a familiar interface across our family of products Lin4WinXP (free with the DigiSonic) provides access to the sequence testing facilities built into the DigiSonic.

Sequence testing allows a user-defined series of measurements to be made by the DigiSonic with the click of a mouse. Synchronisation of the generation and measurement sides is achieved using FSK (frequency shift keyed) tones and full compatibility with the LA100 and MS10 is maintained.


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